Choose your Product. Choose your Install Time. Easy.

We are an electrical company that puts the power in your hands. Power to choose the products you want, when you want them. We take care of the small stuff (think lights, fans, smoke detectors and switches) so you can focus on the big stuff. Like getting on with your day.




We Keep It Simple

When you want to replace old with new, FLEQS is the way to go. It’s the easy way to improve your space quickly or keep on top of repairs. With our range of products for all budgets, Fleqs is perfect for interior designers, renovators, property managers and anyone making improvements around the home.


Easy Peasy Pricing

FLEQS pricing is different – in a good way. One price for product and install. That’s it. No surprise extras at the end. No gathering quotes or waiting around. We buy direct from the wholesaler to save you money and let you choose an install time that suits you. Everyone loves a discount, so the more you buy the more you’ll save. Go on, give it a try.


Change Is Good

Nobody likes waiting around for Trades. After years of doing things the old way, we’re changing things up. You tell us what time you want US to come, not the other way around. Electricians who fit their work around you. How good is that.


Replacement Specalists

Electrical items get old tired and ware out, they simply need replacing with something new!

Thats exactly what we do!

Giving you Choice on product, style and budget.


Supply, Deliver, Install

One shop, one click, FLEQS is the way to go. It’s easy. Find the item you need replacing, pay the deposit and we are on our way. We do all the back-end work for you to make the experience easy, enjoyable and simple (the way it should be).



Trust partners.

Being part of the "online" world, it is important that we have trust. We want to make sure that you feel safe booking with and using our amazing service, knowing with certainty that your experience will be mind blowing. Here are some of the companies that have verified us just for you!



No Job Too Big Or Too Small


We take pride in a job well done, no matter the scale. All our installers are licenced electricians, ready to take care of those odd replacements around the house, office or commercial spaces. Any new hardware going into existing wiring and locations. Whether it’s one product or one hundred products – our professional team of installers are up for the job.


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