Easy Peasy Pricing

29 Oct 2018 3:25 PMAlexander Adams
Easy Peasy Pricing

Finally knowing how much it will cost to have your electrical repairs done.

Pricing Revolution.

It is very exciting to think outside the box with pricing, we offer our clients full transparency and peace of mind.....

  • no more questions
  • no more hassles
  • no more quotes
  • no more worries

We often see people reluctant to replace an electrical item in their home and feel they need to 'save them up' in order to have more jobs for when the electrician comes over to save time and money. This can often be months or years. However, with our new way of thinking you can simply chip away at them. Do the worst ones first or change the ones that you use the most. FLEQS is designed NOT to be a one-off service, but a company you can depend on and use according to your budget, style and convenience.

We have opened a can of worms.

There is no limitation with this service. Now we can introduce replacement combo's, multiple purchase discounts, coupon codes, all designed to get you on the way to having your space exactly the way you want it.

Keeping up with technology changes and giving you the power of choice. Have that edge to your property with USB charger power points giving you the ability to have a 'quad' or 4 outlets in one place while charging 2 devices and still having 2 available outlets. As a bonus they look incredible!!