ESO Fines a man $100,000 From airtasker

4 Apr 2019 2:26 PMAlexander Adams
ESO Fines a man $100,000 From airtasker

A Queensland man was fined $100,000 for posing as a qualified electrical contractor and carrying out works through Airtasker

Ever wondered why our electrical contracting licence number is clearly stated on our website and why this is SO important? As many of our clients may not have heard, today a Queensland man was fined $100,000 for posing as a qualified electrical contractor and carrying out works through Airtasker.

  • Why such a hefty fine you may ask? Unlike other 'handyman' jobs around the home, electricians deal with an 'invisible killer' every time we undertake our work.
  • Many people underestimate the dangers involved in electrical work around the home and office where a simple mistake can cause major injury and even death in seconds.
  • This man advertised electrical services in the greater Brisbane area between November 2015 and June 2017.

The man had never held and electrical licence or any qualifications.The alarm was raised when a complaint was made to the ESO (Electrical Safety Office) about his work after a qualified electrician found substancially defective work in a home where said man had been paid to complete his Airtasker electrical work. This opened a can of worms as the ESO then found a further eight residence where there had been unlicenced work performed. The accused failed to make an appearance in court, was convicted of thirteen offences under the Electrical Safety Act 2002. These included four offences related to performing work which exposed individuals to a risk of death or serious injury. The remainder related to conducting a business and performing eletctrical work without a licence. While no-one was injured or killed, the potential consequences were significant.


As a side note, unlicenced electrical work is also grounds to void your home insurance. Might be worth asking yourself is it worth the risk???


So the next time you need that old powerpoint, switch or fan replaced, keep your family safe and ensure that any electrical work that is conducted in, or around your home or workplace is performed by an electrician with the appropriate credentials and licencing.

This can be done by searching the electrical licence register at  


Here at FLEQS all of our staff are fully qualified and licenced at the highest standards to ensure yours and your family's safety.