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We're a little different in a massive way.


FLEQS is the simplest and fastest way to get your items replaced with a FIXED price!



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Because we are online and super efficient we

can keep costs down, saving you money!




Electrical things get old, tired and just need updating.

FLEQS was born to fill that gap by being upfront, simple and FAST!.

A true all-in-one service.


FLEQS pricing is different – in a good way.

One price for product and install. That’s it!


Let's crunch the numbers...

On average, the standard replacement of a power point would typically look something like:-


Other Sparkies      

Call out fee: $ 50 - $ 80


Hourly rate or part of: $ 50 - $120


Materials $60 - $ 80

Average total cost   = $190 + gst     X



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