Clipsal Iconic Bluetooth Dimmer Controller Only CLI41EPBDWCLMVW

155.88 AUD
141.28 AUD - 2 or more
132.24 AUD - 3 or more

Bluetooth Controller to fit Clipsal Iconic plate (add-on). 41EPBDWCLM-VW

Iconic BLUETOOTH Dimmer Mech.

Dimmer controller to fit into the Iconic range of switch plate.

Using the wiser room app you can turn your lights on an off, dim, set auto on/ off timers and schedules using low energy bluetooth technology.

This is an addition to any of the pre purchaced plates and requires one space in the pre selected grid to "snap" into can fit to only 1, 2, or 3 switch plate. Does not fit to 4, 5, or 6.

For example: If you currently have a switch and a dimmer, you will only require a single switch to perform both tasks. Please ensure you make the correct selection or call if you require help. Contact Us

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